Organic plantlets and young plants

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La Famille Forster

Horticulture the natural way

Certified orgainic by
ECOCERT sas F-32600

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Code Name1 Name2 Details Avail Period Pic & Info (web) € HT
TOM1 Tomato Blanche Beauté Large white tomato with gentle flavour. Full flesh with little seed. April-June Blanche Beauté 1,50
TOM2 Tomato Brandywine Very large tomato with the best taste ever. Very fleshy with few pips. The potato leaves are naturally resistant to disease. April-June Brandywine 2,00
TOM3 Tomato Gardener's Delight Red cherry tomato, the best tasting. Heavy cropper of bite sized fruits. April-June Gardener's Delight 1,50
TOM4 Tomato Red Pear Red cherry tomato, in the shape of a small pear. Good trouble free cropping. April-June Red Pear 1,50
TOM5 Tomato Yellow Pear Yellow cherry tomato, in the shape of a small pear. Sweet non-acid flavour. Trouble free. April-June Yellow Pear 1,50
TOM6 Tomato Sungold F1 The sweetest cherry tomato ever grown. Very heavy crop of golden fruits. A must. April-June Sungold 2,00
TOM7 Tomato Beefheart Large red fruits in the shape of a heart. Very fleshy with few pips. April-June Coeur de Boeuf 1,50
TOM8 Tomato Cornue des Andes Long piment shaped red fruits. Totally fleshy with a great taste. April-June Cornue des Andes 2,00
TOM9 Tomato Matina The earliest outdoor tomato. Medium sized tomatoes cropping all season long. The potato leaves are naturally resistant to disease. April-June Matina 1,50
TOM10 Tomato Moneymaker Popular established English variety that does very well in the French climate. One of the earliest, good tasting medium sized fruits over a very long season. Very productive, ripens even in poor conditions. April-June Moneymaker 1,50
TOM11 Tomato Monda Fixed version of one of the first hybrids (Montfavet). Very productive early fruits of medium size. Trouble free salad tomato. April-June Monda 1,50
TOM12 Tomato Russian Black Very popular full flavoured firm tomato. Dark brown fruits of medium to large size, to be eaten raw. April-June Noire de Crimée 2,00
TOM13 Tomato Roma The reference in Italian peeling tomatoes. The oval form makes it equally good for slicing. Very productive with little need for support. April-June Roma 1,50
TOM14 Tomato Berner Rose Very tasty, fleshy pink fruits of medium size. An old variety that has stood the test of time. April-June Rose de Berne 2,00
TOM15 Tomato Saint Pierre Traditional large full flavour tomato for all uses. Trouble free and very productive, if there's only space for one plant it's this one. April-June St Pierre 1,50
TOM16 Tomato Pineapple Large golden tomato with red stripes. Excellent quality. Fleshy and tasty and sweet. April-June Ananas 2,00
TOM17 Tomato Orange Queen Very large sweet and non-acid fruits. Good production and resistant to cracking. April-June Orange Queen 1,50
TOM18 Tomate Estiva F1 A professional round firm and resistant to disease and cracking. Copes well in drought situations. Good taste Avril-Juin Estiva 2,00
AUB1 Aubergine Abrivado F1 A standard with professionals now available to the public. Sure to produce the long purple fruits in all gardens. April-June Abrivado 2,00
AUB2 Aubergine Bonica F1 The sister of Abrivado producing semi round 'italian' deep purple fruits. Equally productive in all situations. April-June Bonica 2,00
BAS1 Basil Sweet Big Leaved An all time classic. A must with tomatoes, this big leaved variety is easy to grow both in pot or garden. Produces masses of highly scented leaves - the one for pesto. April-Aug Grande Feuille 2.00
BAS2 Basil Small Leaved Fast becoming the most popular - this Italian basil is strong flavoured and very productive. Forms balls of densely packed leaves, very decorative in pots or garden. April-Aug Petite Feuille 2.00
BAS3 Basil Pepper Pungent flavoured and very decorative. Tinted with red, these leaves add a kick to salads and sauces. Pots or garden. April-Aug Poivrée 2.00
BAS4 Basil Purple The most attractive leaves, with a subtle smell but powerful taste. Plant it in the flowerbed for something different. Pots or garden. April-Aug Pourpre 2.00
BAS5 Basil Lemon An Indonesian special with the freshest smelling leaves. Great with fish or added to salads. Pots or garden. April-Aug Citron 2.00
BAS6 Basil Cinnamon A mexican/egyptian variety with wonderful sweet smelling leaves. Outstanding with strawberries and melons. Very decorative. Pots or garden. April-Aug Cannelle 2.00
BAS7 Basil Thai A must for Thai green curries, this very decorative and full scented basil adds a hint of the exotic to any dish. Pots or garden. Allow to flower to discover its full beauty. April-Aug Siam Queen 2.00
CIT1 Citronnelle Lemon Grass The special ingredient in Indonesian cooking. This fast growing grass will easily produce a clump of 1m+. Loves sun and heat. May-June Citronnelle de Madagascar 2.00
PER1 Perilla Shiso
Japanese Parsley
The most decorative of all herbs, this dark purple beauty tasts great too - cumin with a hint of aniseed. The flowers are used as a sweetener. April-Aug Perilla Pourpre 2.00
PER2 Perilla Sisho
Japanese Parsley
Equally decorative as the purple, the green variety looks much like a stinging nettle with huge leaves (it does not sting). Tastes even more of cumin. Wrap and stuff with rice dishes. April-Aug Perilla Vert 2.00
CHU8 Chinese Cabbage Pet sai
'Winter Giant'
A reliable Chinese winter cabbage. The large 'tower' of white stems topped with green leaves. Very resistant to cold. Good storage. Easy digestion. Sept-Nov Winter Giant 1,00
CHU9 Japonese Cabbage Mizuna Open hearts of fine-stemmed leaves eaten raw or cooked. Finds itself equally in place amongst the salads. Tolerant of drought and resistant to the cold. March-Sept Mizuna 1,00
CHU10 Chinese Mustard Osaka Eaten raw or cooked the mustard taste is a welcome addition to any meal. Pull leaves regularly for continued production. Flowers heads equally used. March-Sept Moutard de Chine 1,00
CON1 Cucumber Marketmore An easy to grow medium length outdoor cue. Can be trailed or suspended. No pinching of flowers needed. April-June Marketmore 1,50
CON2 Cucumber Rollingson's Telegraph Very long straight cues produced in large quantities. Can be trailed but better performance if suspended. April-June Telegraph 1,50
CON3 Gherkin Small green of Paris Heavy producer of fine quality gherkins. Need to be harvested often for best results. For pickling or salad use. April-June Petit Vert de Paris 1,50
COR1 Potimarron Red Kuri The best quality gourd by far producing an abundance of dark red fruits. A must for soups. Excellent storage throughout the winter months if kept frost free. May-June Potimarron 1,50
COR2 Courgette Round (of Nice) High quality round fruits produced in abundance if cut regularly. Excellent taste. May-June Rond de Nice 1,50
COR3 Courgette Long
(Tempra F1)
Professional production of high quality 20-25cm long courgettes. Equally good performance at beginning and end of season. Cut regularly. May-June Tempra 1,50
EPI1 Spinach Everlasting A perennel variety of spinach producing a constant supply of great tasting leaves. Good tolerance of drought and cold. March-Sept Everlasting Spinach 1,50
FRA Strawberry Woodland A variety of cultivated woodland strawberry producing great tasting small fruits from may to sept. March-Sept Mignonette 2,00
MEL1 Melon Grey of Rennes Reliable cropper in all situations. An abundance of small but very sweet and tasty fruits. April-June Petit Gris de Rennes 1,50
PIM1 Pepper Sweet Long Red Pepper in the form of a chilli but not at all hot. Use same as square but more suited to grilling. April-June Corno di toro rouge 1,50
PIM2 Pepper Sweet Square Red Traditional sweet pepper giving a good production of green peppers which turn red when ripe. April-June Square Pepper 1,50
PIM3 Pepper Cayeene A nice hot chilli to spice up the dishes. April-June Cayeene 1,50