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La Famille Forster

Horticulture the natural way

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The Forster family are Kevin, Mich, Matilda, Nancy, Lydia and Nelson.

We have been living in the beautiful Natural Park of the Perigord-Limousin since leaving Norfolk in 2000 and have a farm producing vegetable, herb and flower plants the natural way; we use no pesticides, insecticides or harmful chemicals in our tunnels. We are certificated Organic and use organic seed and substrates to grow in.

Visitors to our tunnels are always welcome by appointment.

Our children all go to local French school and are now bi-lingual, a gift we were keen to give. Integration into the local community was always important to us and the children certainly helped that along. Determined that Mich and I would learn to speak the language, we have had no English television since day one, opting for total immersion through local TV, radio and conversation.

Anyone familiar with the "No going back" television series will know that our situation is not unique and the transition has not been easy, but we are happy to have made the move and strive each year to be more successful at what we do whilst giving our family a happy and interesting childhood.